Mashreq Logistics facilitates timely, reliable and cost effective movement of all types of cargo within Tanzania. We provide world-class logistics and cargo handling services for the booming energy, trade and construction sectors in the country.  We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients founded on mutual trust, integrity and most importantly an unmatched understanding of their businesses requirements. At Mashreq Logistics we seek to use our vast experience and expertise to meet all of our clients’ needs. Our commitment to excellent customer service is reinforced by our growing list of loyal clients who depend on our services in their businesses.


Aggregates Handling, Storage and Transportation

Mashreq Logistics is well acquainted with the most efficient techniques of aggregates handling. All aggregates are handled and stored in such a manner that will minimize segregation, avoid contamination and secure a uniform grading of the material.

Liquid Cargo Transportation

We play a very important role in the energy sector by transporting diesel, petrol and kerosene to fuel service stations across Tanzania. From Musoma to Mtwara, no part of the country is inaccessible for us.

Fleet & Personnel

Our company operates a modern fleet of trucks, trailers, and material handling equipment ready to meet any requirements our clients may have:
• 38,000 litre fuel tankers
• 20 cubic metre tipper trailers
• Wheel Loaders
We operate a real-time Satellite Fleet Management System for tracking consignments and have numerous anti-theft deterrents in place.
We complement our fleet with the most qualified and experienced operators in the industry. Our very selective hiring process ensures our drivers and equipment operators are fully certified and licensed.

Personalized Service

Our fleet is relatively small; and this means we can provide personalized attention and dedicated services to our core clients. We are a growing business and are keen to find a few more core clients to provide our services to.

Adding Value To Our Clients

Branding & Marketing

Depending on the size of the tenders we win; we are able to provide our clients with a fleet of trucks and trailers branded with our clients’ logo and corporate image. This can be done at zero extra cost to the client. This unmatched visibility makes Mashreq Logistics the transporter of choice for many clients.

Transport Consulting

Our experiencing in serving the Dar es Salaam area means we know exactly what size vehicle to use when delivering cargo to areas of the city with narrower streets. In areas like Kariakoo; it is virtually impossible to offload cargo in a larger vehicle. It is this sort of knowledge that differentiates us from other logistics firms. All this is available at zero extra cost to our clients.

Loading Facilities

We are currently looking into providing outsourcing of loading and weighing services to our quarry clients. This would involve providing our own equipment and operators for loading and weighing at the quarry site or at any storage facility.

Distributors of Aggregates and Petroleum Products

Not only can we provide transportation of aggregates and petroleum products; but also we are currently in the process of acquiring the necessary licenses to become distributors of these products. We understand our clients’ businesses and want to play an active role in growing these businesses using our extensive contacts in the construction and energy industries.


  • I was introduced to Said by one of our major clients in the country, and was immediately impressed by his project of starting up his own logistics company at such a young age. It is clear that he is dedicated and motivated towards achieving his goal and China Railway Jianchang Engineering would like to extend our support to him in any way possible.
    Mr. Xi. Managing DirectorChina Railway Jianchang Engineering
  • I believe Mashreq Group Limited is capable of handling any tender in the construction industry and that they would be a valuable asset for any business looking for logistics and material handling services. We certainly do look forward to conducting further business with Mashreq Group Limited in the near future.
    Nuru MwambaDirector, Rocks Group
  • In our line of business, the difference between success and failure lies in our ability to keep up with customer demand and thus managing our fuel stock effectively. It is in this regard that Mashreq Group Limited has been our go-to company for ensuring our service stations are well stocked. Night or day, we count on Mashreq Group Limited’s quick response in meeting our requirements.
    Hilmy AhmedManaging Director, Afroil Investment

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We take Health and Safety at the workplace very seriously and all our employees are trained and equipped with all the necessary protective gears. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint emissions by ensuring our fleet is well maintained and modernized after every few years.


Clients & Partners

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